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We at Hind Handicrafts believe in manufacturing fine quality metal & copper art ware. We are constantly working towards improving the quality of our products. Our manufacturing concern is located in Moradabad, India. Our manufacturing concern have all the required machinery for manufacturing metal articles.

The process we use for manufacturing our products give our employees a scope for improving their skills and produce exquisite collection of products.

About us


We have a designated team of skilled artisans who believe in producing articles that are useful and beautiful. Our concern have a team of R&D professionals, always coming up with innovative and efficient designs that give you a comfortable living experience. We have more than 100 employees in our concern and believe in acquiring more and more professionals.

We treat our employees as our greatest assets. Our team is our greatest strength.


The product range we deal in basically includes metal candelabras, candle votive, candle stand, home decorative articles, garden decorative, flower vases, kitchenware, photo frames and many more home décor articles. The designs we prepare are unique and fresh. We have an innovative approach towards manufacturing and designing our products and that’s the reason our merchandise becomes a centerpiece of your beautiful home.

At Hind Handicrafts we feel pleasure to give your beautiful home and office a fresh look. We prepare what your desire.

About us


Packaging of the products is the most important aspect to keep the products and their quality more intact. We have a keen eye for intact packaging and quality of our merchandise. Our concern have a team of diligent employees who take good care while packaging of the product. First, our quality control team check each and every product prepared by our manufacturing team only then, packaging is done.

We have a team specifically for packaging of our orders that performs the packaging as per the customizations made by the customer and we take care of the specific requirements made by our esteemed customers.